It is expected that the Russian online video market this year will increase by a third

With reference to a study by the TelecomDaily information and analytical agency, the source claims that the legal online video market in Russia this year may exceed 37 billion rubles. Confirmation of this forecast will mean a 30-35% increase in the indicated market compared to the previous year. For comparison: in 2019, the total revenue of legal online video services in Russia increased by 45% compared to 2018 and amounted to 27 billion rubles. In other words, the growth rate has slightly decreased. TelecomDaily experts explain this with the effect of a low base, as well as the fact that in recent years an active audience of online cinemas has already formed.
According to the results of 2019, analysts call the Ivi online cinema, which earned 6.1 billion rubles, which corresponds to 23% of the market, as the largest participant in this market. In second place is the Okko multimedia service with 15%. Closes the top three YouTube with 11%. It is noteworthy that the model with paid access already prevails over the model with advertising revenue. If in 2016 it accounted for about half of the income, then last year – 72%.

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