Just feel a little like the owner of the Redmi K30 Pro. Published official wallpaper for the new flagship

Today, the Redmi K30 Pro smartphone was finally introduced, which really turned out to be the cheapest device with the SoC Snapdragon 865. Moreover, this is the only smartphone with this platform costing significantly less than $ 500 if we are talking about the basic version. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that Redmi K30 Pro will soon reach customers living outside of China. The Redmi K30 was introduced a few months ago, but never appeared in many markets. It is possible that Redmi K30 Pro will eventually come out under the name Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, but for now this is only an assumption. 0 1 But if you want to at least feel a little like the owner of Redmi K30 Pro, you can do it now, because official wallpapers for this smartphone have got on the Network. 2 3 There are only four images so far, but if you go to the official Xiaomi website, the Redmi novelty appears almost everywhere with only one of them.

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