MegaFon announced compensation for unconnected subscribers

Operator MegaFon will provide subscribers with compensation for the large-scale communication failure that occurred last Friday, May 19. This was told by Sergei Soldatenkov, CEO of MegaFon, in an official appeal to subscribers in the social network VKontakte.
MegaFon announced compensation for unconnected subscribers
Recall, on May 19, MegaFon subscribers for several hours lost the opportunity to call and send SMS. The problem affected subscribers of Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazan, Ufa and other cities of Central Russia and the Volga region. In addition, in some regions there were difficulties with mobile Internet. As explained by Soldatenkov, the cause of the accident was a software failure on one of the key system elements of our network. At the moment the network is fully restored and operates in normal mode. What is swinging compensation. In the accident zone, subscribers will receive SMS within a week, offering three options for compensation:

  • 50 minutes of voice + 1 GB of traffic
  • 2 GB of traffic
  • Free viewing of one of the new films on "MegaFon.TV"

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