Microsoft showed updated Explorer and the Windows 10 Start menu

Panos Panay (Panos Panay) – the chief product specialist for Microsoft Devices, shared a colorful video on Instagram in honor of the celebration of 1 billion active users of Windows 10. The video shows the evolution of the interface of different versions of Windows. Old interface elements are gradually replaced by new ones, among which were found and those that we should see soon: the screenshots below show the updated context menu, the Start menu in the Fluent Design concept and the new Explorer. It is expected that all these innovations will be implemented first in Windows 10X (this version is created for mobile devices with two screens), and then will migrate to Windows 10.
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When will introduce Windows 10X – it is not clear. But the next major event (in accordance with the latest trends – exclusively online) will be held on March 30. Perhaps this is the day Microsoft will declassify Windows 10X.

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