Mystik – a portable cassette recorder designed with the latest technology

The KickStarter website is raising funds for the release of the Mystik portable cassette recorder. Its developers focused on fans of analog sound recordings and left the basic principle of work unchanged, but did not forget to use some of the achievements of modern technology. In particular, the device is equipped not only with an output for connecting wired headphones, but also with a Bluetooth 5.0 interface. It can be used, for example, for a wireless speaker. In addition, Mystik does not work from primary batteries, as was the case with its now quite distant predecessors, but from the built-in battery. The USB port is used for charging.
The device can record an analog signal, which is fed to the TRS connector with a diameter of 3.5 mm, or using the built-in microphone, so it would be incorrect to call it a player. Cassettes with magnetic tapes of all types are supported. The range of reproduced frequencies is declared equal to 40-11000 Hz, the detonation coefficient does not exceed 0.4%. To count on receiving a tape recorder with one cassette in September of this year, 81 euros must be paid. However, while there is no certainty that the project will take place: a little more than 28,000 euros were collected from the declared 50,000 euros at the time of the news preparation. However, the campaign will last another 23 days, so there is a chance.

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