New versions of Chrome and Chrome OS are frozen due to coronavirus. User reaction was mixed

The developers of Chrome’s most popular browser and Chrome OS have reached out to all users on Twitter, saying the company has paused the development of new versions of Chrome and Chrome OS, because many companies have now changed their employees’ work schedule due to the pandemic coronavirus. Someone was sent on vacation, someone works not at the office, but at home.
Due to the adjusted work schedules, we are suspending the development of upcoming releases of Chrome and Chrome OS. Our goal is to ensure their stability, safety and reliability for all who depend on them. We’ll prioritize the security updates that will be included in Chrome 80. Stay tuned. 0
This caused a mixed user response. Some believe that in this situation, all developers should stop thinking about serious innovations, only being concerned with maintaining the security and stability of their software solutions. What the * f ***.
Rajesh Kumar Jee

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