New victims of coronavirus. Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X spoil Christmas and New Year

The next generation of Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X game consoles may become new victims of the coronavirus pandemic. This was reported in the report of the analytical company DFC Intelligence.
Analysts believe that Microsoft and Sony will be forced to postpone the launch of new consoles until 2021. Critical violations in the supply and production chain due to coronavirus are indicated as the cause. A letter sent by DFC Intelligence states that one of the companies or even both may not start selling new consoles in 2020. There is also a high probability of a deficit at the start of sales and higher than expected prices. Analysts explain that now the economic situation is “unprecedented” unpredictable. And even if it becomes clearer in the coming weeks, the opportunities for the production and release of high-end gaming systems have already been significantly spoiled. Sony has not yet made a full presentation of the PlayStation 5, which was expected in February and early March. However, officially both companies have not yet abandoned their plans to start sales for the Christmas season of 2020.

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