Nokia Bell Labs specialists set a world record for single-carrier transmission speed on a single-mode fiber optic line – 1.52 Tbps

Nokia Bell Labs announced that its researchers set a world record for single-carrier transmission speeds of 1.52 Tb / s over a portion of a standard 80 km long single-mode fiber. This is four times more than the best serial solutions available on the market now, approximately equal to 400 Gb / s. A clear idea of ​​the record speed gives such a comparison: it is equivalent to the simultaneous streaming of 1.5 million YouTube videos.
0 According to Nokia Bell Labs, this world record “will further strengthen Nokia’s ability to design networks for the 5G era to meet the ever-increasing demands on data, capacity and latency for the industrial Internet of things and consumer applications.”
The record was set using a new converter, which allows generating signals with a symbol rate of 128 Gbaud and a symbol rate of more than 6.0 bits per symbol and polarization value. At the same time, a world record for data transfer rates for direct-output lasers modulation (DML), which are critical for low-cost, high-speed applications such as data center connections. The record value exceeds 400 Gbit / s for channels up to 15 km long.

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