Nvidia still can not decide. For the third time, the company has changed plans for the event GTC 2020

We are already used to the fact that various events are being gradually canceled due to the coronavirus, but with the Nvidia GTC 2020 the situation turned out to be very interesting. At the beginning of the month, the company announced that the GTC 2020 will go online, then a week later Nvidia changed its mind and decided to limit it publication of news and press releases. But today, the company again changed its mind: the GTC 2020 is now completely canceled.
0 We are not going to share news with GTC yet. In this way, our employees and partners, the media, the analysts who follow us, as well as our customers around the world, can focus on staying safe.
It’s not very clear how the coronavirus is related to the usual process of publishing press releases, but we have what we have. When Nvidia ultimately reveals what it originally procured for the GTC 2020 is unclear.

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