Olympus managed to get ahead of Sony and Canon in the Japanese market for mirrorless cameras

The source published a chart showing that Olympus was able to get ahead of Sony and Canon in the Japanese mirrorless camera market. This happened in February.
The best-selling camera in February was the Olympus Pen E-PL9. Recall that this Micro Four Thirds format camera was introduced exactly two years ago. It accounts for 11.1% of sales. In second place is the Canon Kiss M camera (as the Canon EOS M50 is called in Japan). Interestingly, it was also released exactly two years ago. The share of this APS-C format camera is 10.4%. The third place with 9.8% is occupied by the Sony a6400 camera. This APS-C format camera was introduced in January 2019.
In general, sales of mirrorless cameras in Japan in February 2020 amounted to 76.5% of sales in February 2019.

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