On Mars there was a huge ancient ocean

Scientists from the University of Northern Illinois showed the map of Mars when it was covered with water, according to the website Phys.org. Experts calculated how much water was required to form the ancient valleys on the planet. The technology of laser scanning of the relief was used to determine the volume and depth of the channels.
On Mars there was a huge ancient ocean The digital model of the Red Planet helped to determine the intensity of the erosion processes and to calculate that for the formation of such channels in the valleys, the volume of water had to be about 4000 times greater than the volume of the valleys themselves. And this means that on Mars once there was a huge ocean. Scientists come to the conclusion that Mars could be about 10 times more watery than previously thought. However, scientists also argue that, according to the existing climate models of this planet, Mars was too cold for the existence of an active hydrological cycle. Resolve this contradiction should research in the future.

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