Orbitkey Nest – a box with a charger in the lid, for the release of which nearly $ 600,000 has already been raised

The Kickstarter website is completing a fundraiser for a product called Orbitkey Nest. This is a “portable desktop organizer” or, more simply, a small plastic box in which you can put unused wires, chargers, flash drives and other little things so that they do not clutter up the table, but are at hand when needed. It’s also convenient to take them with you in trips on a box. According to the authors of the project, small Velcro partitions allow you to arrange them at your discretion to accurately distribute objects inside the box.
The outer dimensions of the container – 120 x 240 x 41 mm, the inner – 109 x 229 x 28 mm, weight – 330 g. The design of the lid hinge allows you to open it like a book or remove it completely. To prevent the lid from opening itself, it is pressed with an elastic band under which you can slip the notebook.
Shipment of Orbitkey Nest should begin in June of this year. The minimum contribution, allowing us to hope for a copy, is 89 dollars (initially there were lots of 84 dollars, but they have already ended). The amount seems a bit big for a plastic box, even with partitions and a lid on an elastic band, but Orbitkey Nest has one more advantage – a wireless charger is built into the lid. Unfortunately, its power is not indicated, but it is known that only one device that rests on the elevated part of the lid will be charged The fundraising will continue for another four days, but the project can already be considered completed: at the time of writing these lines, the creators of Orbitkey Nest raised $ 595,770 .

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