Presented a global SIM card from the manufacturer of smartphones Nokia

HMD Global, which has been launching Nokia-branded smartphones in recent years, has introduced HMD Connect, a global data roaming SIM card designed for people who often travel abroad and need to stay connected. Typically, charges for operators roaming the Internet can be quite high, often users have to buy local SIM cards, which is not very convenient. The HMD Connect SIM card allows you to use one card anywhere in the world. Please note that the HMD Connect is a data-only SIM card. The new HMD Global service operates in more than 120 countries and allows you to connect to 600 networks of mobile operators.
The starter pack costs 19.95 euros per month, for which you receive a different amount of traffic. The data package will include 1 GB in “zone 1” countries such as the USA, UK and Germany, as well as in 41 more countries. In countries of the second zone, such as Canada, Hong Kong and Mexico, you get 500 MB. Finally, in countries of the third zone, such as Pakistan, Qatar and Venezuela, the data volume is 250 MB. If you exhaust the limit set by the package before the end of the month, you can re-order it for only 5 euros. This service is not exclusive to Nokia smartphones, that is, this SIM card can be used with any smartphone.

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