Presented another teaser image Need for Speed ​​2017

Following yesterday's teaser Need for Speed ​​2017 company Electronic Arts puts on the network one more image. Similarly, foggy, with high brightness. And again, using the editor, you can see what all the same they want to show us. The Nissan car, the iconic Skyline GT-R in the body of the R34.

Presented another teaser image Need for Speed ​​2017Presented another teaser image Need for Speed ​​2017

According to the developers, the opposition of racers and policemen in Need for Speed ​​2017 (the name, in all probability, working) will acquire unprecedented scale in the series. It is known about the appearance of large cops in cops, collisions with which should be avoided in every possible way. Also, according to rumors, we are waiting for a change of day and night, the developers promise the race and on the asphalt and on the ground, drift, is also expected the appearance of canyons.

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