Putin proposed to make free watching domestic films in online cinemas

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that he had instructed the government and telecommunications companies to accelerate the implementation of the plan to provide Russians with free access to socially significant Internet resources. He explained that in conditions where many are forced to stay at home because of the coronavirus, such simple things as the ability to watch domestic feature films on the Internet is very important.
For the possibility of ordering drugs, distance learning, receiving public services, even watching domestic feature films, children’s programs and so on. For those people who stayed at home with their families, this is extremely important. Putin. 0
Earlier it became known that access to the portal of public services and the websites of public authorities will be made free. It is also possible to include taxis, social networks and other sites in the list of services. Yesterday, Vladimir Putin at a meeting with members of the government confirmed the signing of a decree that allows the remote sale of OTC drugs.

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