Quarantine “Mult”: access to many Russian cartoons made free

The Mult application responded to the situation with coronavirus and opened free access to watching a number of Russian animated series. Since March 17, absolutely free in the Mult application are available: Fairy Patrol, Leo and Tig, Mi-mi-bears , “Derevyashki”, “Papers”, “Arkady Parovozov in a hurry to help”, “Katya and Ef. Wherever Convenient-Door ”,“ Magic Lantern ”,“ Four in a Cube ”,“ SOBEZ ”,“ Fairy Patrol. Chronicles of Miracles ”,“ Heroes of Envell ”,“ Kitty-Dogs ”,“ Nick-inventor ”,“ Magic Kitchen ”,“ Houses ”,“ Beaver is good. ”Access is granted on all platforms until April 12, however the date may change depending from the situation in the country. The animated series of the Locomotive studio are available in three languages: Russian, English and Spanish.
Recall that only yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed making free-of-charge viewing of domestic feature films, children’s programs, cartoons, and so on in online cinemas. Today it became known that Rostelecom opened free access to a large collection of domestic films and TV shows, cartoons and educational content for children.

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