Redmi goes to the premium segment. Prices Redmi K30 Pro sailed to the network the day before the announcement

Today, Chinese insiders have posted prices on various versions of the flagship smartphone Redmi K30 Pro, which will be presented this week, on the Weibo social network.The basic version of the Redmi K30 Pro, which is equipped with 8 GB of RAM and 128 non-volatile flash memory, costs $ 520, while The Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Edition, which received the same set of memory, was priced at $ 563. Previously, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group China and Redmi’s CEO, stated that the Redmi K30 Pro is the real flagship, so no cheap version for the poor x on the market will not.
The Redmi K30 Pro inherited the Redmi K20 Pro concept, but became the uncompromising flagship. Although the Redmi K30 Pro is available in both standard and premium versions, even the standard version will not be cheap. The older version should be distinguished by a more technical perfect camera with improved zoom capabilities. The Redmi K30 Pro is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 single-chip system, fast LPDDR5 memory and UFS 3.1 flash memory. The Redmi K30 Pro presentation will be held on March 24.

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