Redmi K30 Pro will receive protection from moisture, but not at the level at which we would like

About the Redmi K30 Pro smartphone, we already know almost everything. The question of price remains open, as different sources call different prices. But today there is new information about this device. As you can see, the flagship Redmi should receive protection against moisture, according to the degree of IP53. Unfortunately, this is not a full protection against water, but only protection against splashes, which to one degree or another is already implemented in many Redmi smartphones and not only.
In this case, the very fact of having a corresponding “rating” is more interesting, which means that the Redmi K30 Pro went through the certification process, which is not typical for Xiaomi smartphones. Recall, the Redmi K30 Pro will be presented the day after tomorrow. In addition to the normal version, we should expect also a modification of Zoom Edition with an improved camera.

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