Samsung eUFS 3.1 flash memory for smartphones was 3 times faster than eUFS 3.0

Samsung Electronics has announced the launch of mass production of 512 GB eUFS 3.1 flash memory that can be used on mobile phones, tablets and other mobile devices. The new eUFS 3.1 flash memory exhibits a peak sequential write speed of 1200 MB / s and peak speed reads up to 2100 MB / s. This flash memory is also available in 128 and 256 GB versions.
It is worth paying attention to the fact that at the end of February Samsung Electronics announced the start of mass production of high-speed flash memory modules eUFS 3.0 with a capacity of 512 GB. The claimed peak sequential write speed is 410 MB / s. That is, the new Samsung eUFS 3.1 flash memory turned out to be 3 times faster in this parameter. The maximum performance of the Samsung eUFS 3.1 flash memory in read-only operations is declared at 100,000 IOPS, and the record at 70,000 IOPS. Today it was confirmed. that Redmi K30 Pro received the fastest flash memory UFS 3.1.

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