Samsung Galaxy Note20 alone is not enough; Note20 Ultra is possible

Before the official debut of the flagship series, the Samsung Galaxy Note20 will have to wait a few more months. Meanwhile, details about the series began to appear on the net.
The editor-in-chief of the famous XDA Developers resource Max Weinbach (Max Weinbach), who revealed information about the Galaxy S20 long before the announcement, now shared information about the Galaxy Note20. According to the source, the series will feature more than one model. He conditionally called them Note20 1 and Note20 2. The Note20 2 model is based on the Snapdragon 865 platform, and Note20 1 will receive a different SoC. Weinbach’s message was answered by another network informant, RODENT950. He replied that Samsung should change its policy and release one line with one SoC, regardless of the region of release. For example, Note20 on Exynos platform, and Note 20 + / Ultra – on Snapdragon.

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