Samsung Galaxy S20 + on Exynos 990 loses even Samsung Galaxy S10 + on Snapdragon 855

For a very long time, Samsung has been releasing all its flagship smartphones in two versions: with its own Exynos platforms and Qualcomm platforms, and all these years we have been making sure that devices on the top Snapdragon SoC behave better. This may relate to performance, operation of the interface, heating, autonomy, and sometimes all of this combined.
Before the release of the Galaxy S20 line, there were rumors that all devices in all markets will come out exclusively with the SoC Snapdragon 865, but this did not happen. And now let’s see if the Exynos 990 is worse than the Snapdragon 865. The first thing you should pay attention to is heating. According to the author of the review, Exynos 990 heats one and a half times stronger than the Snapdragon 865 (66 ° C at a peak versus 42 ° C). The logical consequence of heating is throttling and a decrease in frequency, and hence productivity. If the version with Qualcomm platform in AnTuTu lost only about 1% in two runs, then the version with Exynos 990 – 13%! The author of the video notes that during normal use of the speed of the two versions there is no difference. But in games – very much so. In long gaming sessions, the same problem manifests itself with overheating, throttling and a decrease in performance, and even without a fps counter it can be seen that the problem is catastrophic if we talk about the flagship smartphone of 2020 worth $ 1,300 or more. Also, the difference between the devices manifests itself in the operation of the camera application . It is clearly seen that the modification with the Snapdragon 865 is faster and smoother. But the camera is one of the most important features of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. But even worse, there is a difference in the quality of the photos, and of course it is not in favor of the version with the Exynos 990. Another serious problem with the Exynos 990 is energy efficiency. It is much lower than the Snapdragon 865, so smartphones with different platforms have significantly different autonomy. But if you thought it was a failure, then watch the following video. Yes, the Galaxy S20 + on Exynos 990 in games shows itself much worse than the Galaxy S10 + on the Snapdragon 855! The problem is still the same: heating, throttling and a huge decrease in performance. Of course, not everyone plays a lot on smartphones, not everyone will notice not very big differences in the operation of the camera application and in the quality of photos, but less autonomy is a problem that everyone will face . However, when there is no way to compare, there is no reason for frustration. In any case, it can be stated that once again the Samsung flagship on the Exynos platform shows itself worse than a similar model on the Qualcomm platform.

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