Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra on Exynos 990 is in some ways better than the Snapdragon 865 version

The Samsung Galaxy S20 on the Exynos 990 is in many ways worse than on the Snapdragon 865. A few days ago we were once again convinced of this. Especially impressive and frustrating is the loss in the Galaxy S20 + games on Exynos 990 of last year’s Galaxy S10 + model on the Snapdragon 855.
However, there is one scenario where the Samsung single-chip platform looks better than Qualcomm’s solution. We know that autonomy is better with the Snapdragon 865 version, but recent tests show that the screen is power-consuming the other way around. The source has conducted various tests, including determining the power consumption of the screens in the Galaxy S20 + and S20 Ultra models in versions with different platforms and in different modes (60 and 120 Hz).
As you can see, in all cases the modifications on the Exynos 990 show better results than on the Snapdragon 865. Interestingly, in the last generation, the SoC Exynos was also better in this matter. Apparently, some optimization of Samsung’s own platforms and native screens is affecting.
Unfortunately, the display is only one of the components of a smartphone, albeit one of the most “gluttonous”. As you can see, the autonomy tests of this source confirm the advantage of the versions on the Snapdragon 865, to the extent that the Galaxy S20 Ultra with this platform and the 120-Hz mode of operation of the screen is inferior to the versions with Exynos 990 and the 60-Hz mode of operation of the screen of less than 10%.

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