Samsung makes 2 cases for Samsung Galaxy S20 + from one 0.5 liter plastic bottle

Samsung has unveiled new accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S20 + smartphone and the Galaxy Watch Active 2 smartwatch, which were created in partnership with Danish textile brand Kvadrat. The Samsung Galaxy S20 + smartphone case is made from 500 ml reusable plastic bottles that melt and melt into textile fiber. This not only allows you to continue to use unnecessary plastic products, but also take care of the environment. One plastic bottle can be used to make two cases for the Galaxy S20 +.
Samsung notes that the creation of fibers from plastic bottles is an environmentally friendly process that does not involve heavy industry, which contributes to the conservation of non-renewable energy sources. Samsung has also prepared straps for Galaxy Watch Active2, made from Kvadrat textiles and other environmentally friendly materials.
Part of the proceeds from the sale of Samsung Global Goals edition covers for the Galaxy S20 + made from Kvadrat textiles will be transferred to the UN Development Program to support 17 global goals, including combating climate change.

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