Samsung’s next generation of displays to replace AMOLED

In 2008, Samsung introduced AMOLED displays. The first smartphone equipped with this screen was the Nokia N85. Gradually, these displays have gained popularity and are now used in a variety of devices, including low-cost smartphones. After that, Samsung introduced Super AMOLED and Dynamic AMOLED. The latter type of display is a copy of Super AMOLED with support for HDR10 + extended dynamic range. It was used in the Galaxy S10 and later products. Recently, Samsung has applied for the registration of the Samsung PIFF trademark, the description of which indicates that it belongs to the ninth category of devices. The description of this category says that we are talking about displays for mobile devices.
There are no details about PIFF technology yet. Perhaps this is indeed a completely new type of display. It is also suggested that this technology is based on mini-LED or micro-LED. According to other sources, PIFF is an OLED panel optimized for mobile devices that support fifth-generation networks. Samsung has not yet made official comments.

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