Sberbank attracted convicts to artificial intelligence training

According to Kommersant, Sberbank has entered into an agreement with the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) to work together on an artificial intelligence (AI) system. Under the terms of the agreement, convicts will take part in training the AI system. Sources say that the pilot project has already been launched in one of the institutions of the Federal Penitentiary Service in Novosibirsk, while prisoners are currently teaching artificial intelligence to recognize handwritten text and image details.
Support for social initiatives is very important for Sberbank, and the main objective of this project is to solve the problem of employment of people in difficult life situations. We believe that they need to be given the opportunity to earn honest work, and not only physical, but more intellectual and promising, and receive remuneration for this. Sberbank Deputy Chairman Anatoly Popov 0
Anatoly Popov confirmed that convicts see anonymized data or images that need to be marked up or verified, therefore, “this project bears no risks for Sberbank customers.”
The information that will be provided to people in correctional facilities does not contain any personal data, banking or other secrets, it is depersonalized, it cannot be used for illegal activities. Anatoly Popov

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