Sony PlayStation 5 controller can take the game to a new level

The new Dualshock game controller in the next-generation PlayStation can add exciting new features. Sony has already received a patent.
The patent describes the use of a special removable screen on the controller, with which you can perform actions in the game.
Such a screen can be installed in place of a modern touchpad. Gamers will receive additional tactile feedback on the actions in the game. Also, text, menus, maps, and other information can be displayed on the screen. In the patent for clarity, the game God of War is given, the information of the Huldra store is displayed on the screen.
The most interesting thing is that the touchscreen can also be adapted to display Braille characters, which will allow visually impaired and blind gamers to get additional textual information.
According to some experts, we can already see such functionality in Dualshock 5, which will debut simultaneously with the PlayStation 5. However, there is no official confirmation of this yet.

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