Such are the investments. Android smartphones get cheaper twice as fast as iPhone

BankMyCell, a smartphone reseller, has released a fresh report showing how smartphones are getting cheaper over their lifetime.
As it turned out, Android smartphones are getting cheaper twice as fast as the iPhone. This figure is true for flagships, and for low-cost models, the difference is even more noticeable.
According to the source, iPhone loses about 23.45% in the first year, and in the second year – 45.46%. For Android smartphones that cost more than $ 700, the cost of the first year is 45.18% – more than for the iPhone in two years. And in two years, such a smartphone will fall in price by 71.41%.
Among budget Android smartphones, the situation is even more sad. In the first 12 months, a smartphone at a price of about $ 350 will fall in price by 48.65% and 79.66% in two years.

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