The designer wants to replicate the message to other civilizations

In 1972, a "star letter" was sent to Aldebaran, a message for other civilizations. As a postman was chosen station Pioneer 10. Now in the US they want to make another 200 copies. True, not for potential intelligent beings from other galaxies, but for us, humans.
The designer wants to replicate the message to other civilizations The idea belongs to the designer Duane King (Duane King). He believes that this is one of the most ambitious projects in the history of mankind, calls him a masterpiece of visual materials and intends to "bring it back to Earth", for which he launched a campaign to raise funds for making copies. Requires $ 70,000. The message to other civilizations is a plate of durable material (aluminum, anodized with gold), which depicts a hydrogen molecule, a figure of a man and a woman, a diagram of the location of the Sun relative to the center of the Galaxy, the scheme of our solar system, the trajectory of Pioneer 10. Dimensions of the plate: 229 mm x 152 Mm x 1.27 mm, weight is 120 grams. In total, three plates were created – one for Pioneer station 10, the second for Pioneer 11, the third placed in the National Museum of Aviation and Astronomy in Washington. In addition, the above-mentioned designer also ordered a copy of himself from the engraver from the company Precision Engravers, which produced the originals. After he got it, he realized that he simply had to do another – at least 200 copies. As for the message on Pioneer 10, it will reach the system of Aldebaran star only after some 2 million years. Ps: Yes, we do not confuse this stellar letter with the information "Voyager's Golden Record", which carries to other civilizations sound and video information about people.

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