The end of an era. The last print edition of Playboy released in the USA

Executive Director of Playboy Enterprises Ben Kohn (Ben Cohn), which publishes the magazine Playboy, announced that the company is discontinuing its print version in the United States. The last print issue of the magazine in the US came out this week. Until that time, the print version of the magazine came out every three months, and the magazine had been published for 66 years. Ben Cohn said it’s now very clear that the coronavirus pandemic will have a negative impact on content production and the magazine’s supply chain. In this regard, the question arose about how Playboy will be able to please its readers and communicate with them every day, and not once every three months. The release of the online version of Playboy will continue, and in 2021 Playboy Enterprises promises to introduce new products, among which and print (special versions), but no details about this yet.
Playboy founder Hugh Hefner released the first issue of the magazine in 1953. A circulation of 50 thousand copies was sold out in less than a day, on the cover of the first issue was Marilyn Monroe. In 2016, the Playboy editors decided not to publish photos of nude women, but exactly one year later the company returned to nude photos. Then the creative director of the publication Cooper Hefner, the son of the founder of Playboy, called the decision to refuse such pictures a mistake.

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