The head of Redmi had to make excuses for the screen of Redmi K30 Pro

Today, Redmi officially introduced the K30 Pro and K30 Pro Zoom smartphones, which are good for everyone except, perhaps, the screen: many users were waiting for a matrix with a frame frequency of 120 Hz, like the Redmi K30, but instead the top models received a display with a frequency of 60 Hz. Of course, immediately after the premiere, questions for developers rained down.
They were answered by the head of the brand, Liu Weibing. According to the top manager, the characteristics of the K30 and K30 Pro models were approved 10 months ago. It turns out that the rejection of the 120-Hz screen did not become a kind of hasty decision, on the contrary, everything was planned so. But just for what? According to Liu Weibing, the matter is “full-screen user experience” and autonomy. It is no secret that screens with a frame frequency above 60 Hz consume a lot of energy, while Redmi did not want to sacrifice autonomy for the sake of smoothness of the picture. It is possible that within a few months there will be software solutions to increase the frame rate, but it is unlikely that such a mechanism will be implemented at the official firmware level. Users will have to be content with a 60 Hz matrix.

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