The new iMac in the design of the Pro Display XDR. We are looking at how the new Apple All-in-ones could look

It is expected that this year Apple will introduce, including new all-in-ones iMac. The Cupertino giant has not updated these PCs for quite some time, and the design has remained unchanged for many years.
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We do not yet know what exactly Apple will update the upcoming iMac, and whether we should wait for a new design. But it is quite possible. And one of the options for what the new models might look like is the Pro Display XDR monitor. Designer Viktor Kadar decided to demonstrate how the iMac might look in the design of the Pro Display XDR. More specifically, the design of the new iMac in this case is a mixture of the Pro Display XDR design and the current generation of Apple all-in-ones. From Pro Display XDR, the concept took the front and the Pro Stand. True, it is unlikely that the new iMac will really get such a stand, given that separately Apple sells it for $ 1000. 2 3 But the unusual perforation of the back cover in a candy bar in this case did not move. We repeat – this is only the author’s fantasy. How the new iMacs will look and whether they will even get a new design this year, one can only guess.

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