“The PlayStation 5 is one of the most revolutionary home consoles ever made,” said Ready at Dawn CTO

The day before yesterday, Sony held a presentation where it talked about the PlayStation 5 game console. Unfortunately, the announcement turned out to be extremely strange, and in general was not intended for most buyers of the new set-top box. Looking at some of the images and flowcharts that Sony demonstrated without knowing the context , one would think that this is a lesson in physics or the documentation of a scientific device.
The worst part is that Sony revealed the console’s performance, which is lower than that of the Xbox Series X. Recall that in the first case it is 10.3 TFLOPS, in the second – 12 TFLOPS. And although this is far from an indicator, gamers have nothing more to compare. However, against the backdrop of all this, the Network continues to fill out statements by developers and game industry experts who praise the PlayStation 5. The other day, we heard words about “the most exciting hardware in the last 20 years” and now the technical director of Ready at Dawn studio, responsible for the development of the game The Order: 1886, said that for the first year after the release of the console, gamers will understand that the PlayStation 5 is one of the most revolutionary home consoles ever from created.
They will feel stupid to spend time arguing about teraflops and other specifications. A console is more than just a sum of specifications. Of course, hardware improvements are important, but APIs, integration, and architecture are more important. I am delighted with the PS5 because I believe that Sony has made many smart decisions that will allow developers to create new opportunities, especially for big games

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