The same gamepad from the Samsung patent is actually already on sale

Often, when we talk about certain patents of certain companies, we cannot be sure that the technologies or devices described in these patents will ever be released, and even more so, we cannot talk about any the release dates of these decisions. But today a unique situation has formed. Just a couple of hours ago, we talked about the new Samsung gamepad for smartphones. And now it turned out that this device has been on sale for quite some time.
The gamepad is called Glap Gaming Pad. It costs $ 120 and, apparently, debuted with Galaxy Note10, but for some reason themed media missed its appearance. So, the device is available in black and beige. The internal battery lasts about 10 hours. True, it is worth noting that the images in the patent are somewhat different from the Glap Gaming Pad. This is quite possible, but it is likely that in fact the patent describes a new model of the same gamepad with a number of differences.
Anyway, if you liked the gamepad, you can very well buy it.

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