The Sun could have a twin brother

Scientists from the University of California at Berkeley and the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, analyzing the radio wave radiation emanating from a dust cloud in the Perseus constellation and calculating the number of ordinary stars and binary ones about one million years old (45 single stars, 19 double, five more Than two stars in the system), came to the conclusion that our Sun was originally a double star.
The Sun could have a twin brother It turned out that all binary systems located at a distance equal to or greater than 500 astronomical units (1 unit is equal to the distance from the Sun to the Earth) are younger than 500 thousand years and are aligned along the axis of the dust cloud. And older stars are located closer to each other. Statistical models have shown that such a distribution is possible only if all stars similar to the Sun had, at an early stage of their development, a twin-bound gravity. Scientists are sure that the Sun of our system is no exception and once he had a twin brother and his name is Nemesis.

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