The video presents the global catastrophes of the future

On YouTube-channel RealLifeLore there was a video warning humanity about the disasters of the next billion years. For example, after 8000 years, there may be a problem with the software of the whole planet due to the fact that in dates not 4 digits will be used, but 5. After 50 000 years we are waiting for a new ice age, tourists will no longer be able to admire the Niagara Falls – it will disappear. Then, within 500 000 years, the probability of collision of our planet with a giant asteroid of diameters of 1 km is great. Then, after another 500,000 years, a super volcano erupts. The star of Betelgeuse will turn into a supernova also about the same time. After 50,000,000 years, Phobos will face Mars, after 100,000,000 years an asteroid with a diameter of more than 10 km will fall to Earth. By that time, Saturn will no longer have rings.
The video presents the global catastrophes of the future The worst thing awaits the Earth in half a billion years – a powerful gamma outbreak can deprive our home of the ozone layer. Due to the increasing brightness of the sun, the climate will change greatly, photosynthesis will not be possible. In a billion years, the Earth will not have oceans – they will dry out because of the greenhouse effect.

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