There were details about Dynasty Warriors 9

The network has details of the expected large-scale action movie Dynasty Warriors 9. As before, players will be offered to fight with crowds of enemies. In this case, despite current trends, multiplayer can not wait. But in Dynasty Warriors 9 will be:
There were details about Dynasty Warriors 9

  • Beautiful graphics and support for PS4 Pro (1080p resolution – 60 FPS, 4K resolution – 30 FPS);
  • The project was originally grounded for PlayStation 4, not PlayStation 3, as the eighth series;
  • Developers have created a completely new modern engine;
  • 83 war-commander from Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends will appear in the ninth part;
  • Women's commanders are also expected to appear;
  • The world of the game will be open. The action will unfold in China;
  • It will be possible to climb mountains, swim rivers, explode objects and so on.

The release date is not yet called.

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