This quarter, revenue from contract manufacturers of semiconductor products will grow by 30%

Experts at TrendForce analyst firm claim that contract manufacturers of semiconductor products in the current quarter did not feel the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fulfilling orders placed in the last quarter and replenishing customers’ stocks, manufacturers will receive income only 2% less than in the previous quarter, and 31.5% more than a year ago. In absolute terms, revenue will amount to $ 18.060 billion. However, as the COVID-19 pandemic affects global markets and the economy slows down, the industry is faced with significant uncertainty in the demand for final products, which may slow down growth industry. TSMC remains the largest producer. Leading in the development of advanced technical process standards, the company provided itself with orders far in advance, so that even with adjustments, it will be able to maintain capacity utilization at high damage. TSMC is projected to earn $ 10.2 billion this quarter, topping the list by a wide margin, followed by Samsung with $ 2.996 billion. Analysts placed GlobalFoundries with a projected revenue of $ 1.452 billion in third place. The full rating is given in the table.

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