Valve can lose the rights to Dota 2

The company Valve, which created Dota 2, can only copyright to this popular online game. Initially, it was so – Valve sued the creators of Dota Legends and Heroes Charge for using DotA characters. However, representatives of uCool and Lilith Games were not such simple opponents and decided to challenge Valve's rights to Dota.
Valve can lose the rights to Dota 2 They argue that Valve is not entitled to the Dota trademark, since the project was originally the result of the collective activity of many gamers. Dota was created as a fashion for Warcraft III, its ideologist became someone under the nickname Eul – he subsequently sold a modification of Dota to Valve. However, the rights to Warcraft III belong to Blizzard, so Eul could not sell the rights to the mod for the game. After hearing the arguments, the judge decided to reconsider the issue of copyrights to Dota 2. It is curious that Blizzard itself has no claims to Valve.

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