Volkswagen promises that ID.3 electric car will cost like a car with an internal combustion engine

This summer, sales of Volkswagen ID.3 electric vehicles should begin. According to the manufacturer, ID.3 in the basic configuration in Germany will be cheaper in terms of acquisition and operation than comparable models with internal combustion engines. For operating costs only, ID.3 drivers in Germany will save around 840 euros per year.
The company believes that ID.3 “will finally make electric cars affordable.” The basic version with mileage on a single charge of 330 km in Germany costs 23,430 euros, taking into account the environmental bonus. Vehicle tax with ID.3 is not levied. The machine does not require an oil change and belongs to a less expensive insurance class. ID.3 – the first Volkswagen electric car on the MEB modular platform, which provides for constant updating of firmware. The next-generation cars will be equipped with software and hardware that will allow cars to anticipate accidents and avoid them, as well as constantly learn, improving their behavior. It is expected that by 2025 Volkswagen will release 1.5 million electric vehicles under the VW brand. Under all the brands owned by the Volkswagen Group, which include Porsche, Audi, Skoda, Bentley and Bugatti, by 2029 it is planned to produce 26 million electric vehicles.

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