Want a Samsung gaming smartphone? There is no such device, but the company is preparing a gamepad

Samsung does not have a single gaming smartphone, and it is unlikely that such a device will appear in the near future. However, a gaming smartphone is a very arbitrary concept, since you can play on almost any, and even more so on any flagship. Several years ago, Samsung already released a separate gamepad for smartphones. Judging by the patent, the company is preparing to introduce a new model.
As you can see, the gamepad will be very large, but it will offer all the necessary basic controls, including triggers. An interesting cooling system is implemented: there are two fans, and they are located in the right and left handles, and on the back there is a large hole for removing hot air. It should also be noted that the gamepad is equipped with its own battery, and it can be expected that its capacity is very large. More precisely, there are two elements: one in each handle. You can connect the gamepad to your smartphone either directly via USB or wirelessly. The manipulator also has its own vibromotor.
As always, this is just a patent, so it’s not a fact that Samsung will soon release such a device and that it will look that way.

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