We look at special storage expansion cards for the Xbox Series X

Yesterday, Microsoft revealed another piece of data regarding the Xbox Series X game console. We found out the frequencies of the CPU and GPU, the speed of the drive, and much more.
Also on the list was mention of support for external expansion cards of 1 TB. Recall that the very first photos of the new prefix that hit the Network showed a strange connector on the back. Later, information appeared that it will serve to connect certain memory cards. There were speculations that these are CFExpress format cards, but now it is safe to say that these will be proprietary format cards created by Microsoft together with Seagate.
Note that the amount of 1 TB is indicated on the Xbox website, and not “up to 1 TB”, that is, there will be no choice. Of course, there is no data on the price of such drives yet, but they certainly will not be cheap, since this is clearly a high-speed solution, although Microsoft has not yet disclosed these indicators.

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