What happened on June 14, 2017?

Tesla Model X has successfully passed crash tests. OnePlus 5 appeared on the render. And here it is on the press-renderer. LeEco Le Max 3 appeared on the photo. Metro: Exodus was announced. And the oldest planet in the solar system recognized Jupiter. The box from Xbox One X several times hints at 4K.
What happened on June 14, 2017? Xenoblade Chronicles 2 will be released in December 2017. Want to see the back and front panels of the iPhone 8? Click. For fans of World of Tanks created a special laptop. The new smartphone Motorola will show in late June. Sony Xperia XZ with Android O appeared on the network.
What happened on June 14, 2017? 10.5-inch iPad Pro new sample is almost impossible to fix. The State Duma in the first reading approved the law on the prohibition of anonymity in messengers. Viber has learned to forward calls. The best Firefox has already been released. IPhone 7s will receive protection from water and wireless charging.
What happened on June 14, 2017? Google Pixel 2 appeared on the render.

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