What happened on May 15, 2017?

The WannaCry virus has brought its creators more than 40 thousand dollars. It has not yet been won. Assassin's Creed: Origins is overgrown with details. And Toyota decided to invest in a start-up of its employees to create a flying machine. There is a possibility that life in the universe has appeared thanks to the Black Holes.
What happened on May 15, 2017? People will fly to Mars in the early 2030's. Mars rover for help! Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 broke all records in Geekbench. It's about the version with the Exynos chip, not Snapdragon. Nintendo is probably working on mobile The Legend of Zelda. And the network has a free new retro-Castlevania.
What happened on May 15, 2017? Evan Blass merged the Motorola lineup for 2017. Android Pay has flashed in Russia ahead of time. And Xiaomi accidentally declassified Redmi Pro 2. Samsung Galaxy J7 Max does not suck! It has already been officially presented. But steeper than all this titanium Nokia 3310 from Caviar.
What happened on May 15, 2017? MP3 is dead? Yes! And no … HTC U 11 appeared in different colors on the video.

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