What happened on May 18, 2017?

Codemasters officially announced F1 2017 and promised to release it in August 2017. The next game in the Avatar universe will not appear until 2020. The rains have changed the surface of Mars in the distant past. WhatsApp again "fell."
What happened on May 18, 2017? Recording the power of the jaws recognized Tyrannosaurus Rex. Apple-1 is also ancient, although not so much, while it costs hundreds of thousands of euros! However, a living T-Rex would have been more expensive. YouTube blocked the video due to the bells ringing. It turns out that this sound has copyright holders !!!
What happened on May 18, 2017? Galaxy Note 7 "again" can get the name Galaxy Note SE. And for "Lambo-mobile" will have to shell out about 120 000 rubles. Apple continues to update its OS. Villain scammers have learned to sell a blocked iPhone. Read, and then do not say that we did not warn you. Ferra is watching.
What happened on May 18, 2017? For Sony Xperia XZ Premium in our country will have to pay 54,990 rubles. YouTube's mobile broadcasts now work for everyone. Daydream 2.0 was introduced by Google.

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