What happened on May 23, 2017?

Nintendo makes a move with a knight and starts selling empty boxes from the Switch. Candy wrappers without sweets, baskets without popcorn, place in the cinema without a movie, an office without employees … It's sad. But the Moto G5S is designed to amuse everyone with a nice dimple in the middle from behind. In the same steppe and Sony with a bunch of different Xperia'i.
What happened on May 23, 2017? In Switzerland, they said decisive there is no nuclear energy and called on the authorities to install wind power stations at every corner. Valve sued, but as a result, she could lose her rights to Dota. Final Fantasy XVI need? They seem to work already.
What happened on May 23, 2017? Watches with Pokemon for almost 15 million rubles is, of course, very cool. It's another matter that many of our compatriots will not earn them even in their lifetime. Red Dead Redemption 2 will be released in the spring of 2018, but it seems our readers do not care. Not too interested in them and the news about the adaptation of Uncharted. They want to transform the picture into a youthful fervent action movie instead of a dramatic adventure about serious men with bristles.
What happened on May 23, 2017? The remaining subscribers will receive compensation from MegaFon. Maybe enough for the most affordable Meizu, which is M5s. But on the new Spartak iPhone in the performance of Caviar is unlikely. Huawei broke out with announcements:

  • 15-inch MateBook D;
  • Hybrid MateBook E;
  • And simply monstrously steep MateBook X.

Microsoft officially introduced Surface Pro. And the BQ-3201 Option is equipped with a TV tuner. Smartphone LG X Venture does not know the fears of water and altitude, it can fall as much as necessary. And "Insta" has another novelty. Tyl.
What happened on May 23, 2017?

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