What happened on May 31, 2017?

On the last day of spring, we told you about a crazy petition related to Far Cry 5. In Platinum Games again hinted at the third "Bayonetta", which may prove to be a peasant. Need for Speed ​​2017 appeared in a dim picture. People looked again into space and discovered another potentially inhabited planet.
What happened on May 31, 2017? Nubia Z17 will not be afraid of dust and moisture. Officially. Yandeks.Navigator spoke in the voice of Optimus Prime. Three tablets ZenPad from ASUS, a lot or a little? Just right! About computers with Windows 10 c Snapdragon 835 inside we read here.
What happened on May 31, 2017? For the first time the user was convicted in Switzerland for Facebook in Facebook. Be careful, and you. Ryzen Mobile is interesting. Like the 16-core "monster" from AMD. Micromax Canvas 2 (2017) like? Get it.
What happened on May 31, 2017? The asteroid overturned the moon Enceladus. And this is how the Windows Mixer Reality helmets look. Caviar used to do cool things, and now decided to buy Vertu. And in North Korea, the iPad was reinvented. Good summer to you, dear readers!

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