What to do with Pokémon Go fans in a world undergoing the coronavirus pandemic? The developers adapted the game to new realities.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to affect an increasing number of areas. It would seem that it should not have anything to do with the virtual world in general, and games in particular, but there are exceptions. As you know, the Pokémon Go game, which is still incredibly popular, is based on the idea that the player needs as much as possible Walk outside your home to find Pokemon. And this directly contradicts the recommendations of doctors regarding safety measures in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Therefore, Niantic decided to adapt their game to the existing realities. Pokémon Go is reportedly introducing innovations that will allow players to leave home less and still play. These will be various discounts, bonuses, doubling of various indicators that are not related to the process of searching for new Pokemon and so on. In addition, previously planned mass events have been canceled at Pokémon Go. How long this will last is unclear, but Niantic will clearly focus on the situation with the coronavirus pandemic.

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