What would be the new smartphones from the creator of Android. Photos of prototypes Essential PH-2 and PH-3 hit the Net

As we know, Essential no longer exists. And this means that the PH-1 smartphone will remain the only one released by this manufacturer. But this does not mean that Essential did not work on others. For example, in October we were shown Project GEM – an extremely unusual smartphone that would hardly become popular. And now we can take a look at what Essential PH-2 and PH-3 could be. 0 1 2 Materials shared by the former designer of the company, so this is the most reliable information. As you can see, Essential PH-2 differs little from the first model, offering the same design as a whole. The designer notes that this model was abandoned when it was already close enough to enter the market. 3 4
Model Essential PH-3 is already more different from the first two. In addition, it was supposed to be the first inexpensive smartphone of the company, although there is no exact data on positioning or parameters. You can see that the manufacturer has not finally decided on the design, so there were two options. Apparently, this model was developed until the last days of the company.

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