Will the only Google Pixel 4a camera be a “telephoto”?

As numerous leaks have already confirmed, the Google Pixel 4a smartphone will receive only a single main camera. In general, this is quite expected, and there is nothing wrong with this, because it should be exactly the same camera that is installed in the older Pixel 4. But the new data compels us to make a different assumption. In the apk of the Google Camera 7.4 application, they found an indication of a strange function described by the SABER_UNZOOMED_TELEPHOTO parameter. The fact is that Saber is the internal name of the Super Res Zoom function, which allows you to zoom in on the image while preserving the quality as much as possible. This is digital zoom, but using various algorithms to improve picture quality.
But the word “telephoto” refers to the optical zoom, which is available in the Pixel 4 and 4 XL thanks to the advent of “telephoto”. And interestingly, the SABER_UNZOOMED_TELEPHOTO parameter in the Google Camera application is activated only for three models: Pixel 4, the not yet announced Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a. Pixel 4 has a “telephoto” and it is logical to assume that the Pixel 5 will also have it. But how does this parameter apply to the Pixel 4a with its single camera? The source suggests that this smartphone will have a single camera “telephoto”! In fact, this is an extremely strange assumption, and for this reason it should be borne in mind. However, perhaps, in fact, we are talking about the Pixel 4a XL, which, unlike the younger model, will have a dual camera.

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