Will there be a flexible smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy Note20 line?

In the line of smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note this year may appear the first flexible model. This is hinted at by a patent recently received by the Korean giant. Judging by the source and images, the patent describes a flexible smartphone in a book form factor that has a stylus. Of course, this does not mean at all that one of the versions of the Galaxy Note20 will be flexible, but such a scenario is quite possible, given Samsung’s plans for the segment of flexible smartphones.
In addition, the flexible Galaxy Note20 would allow us to slightly separate the Galaxy Note line from the Galaxy S line, because in recent years the line between them is very thin.The patent also describes a technology that can reduce the visible bending of the screen, which the Galaxy Fold has, and the Galaxy Z Flip. In general, the patent contains a description of various technologies, primarily associated with particular qualities inherent in a flexible smartphone, only a stylus hints at a possible attitude of the device to the Note line.

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